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Inspiration Translation: Modern Retro Bathroom

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From the classic red, black and white color scheme to the pop-art Warhol feeling wall tiles, this bathroom has a Modern Retro personality. Retro is a place you can get in touch with your fun side and get a little quirky with your style. This bathroom feels fun without overstepping into being childish.

Modern Retro Bathroom
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Inspiration is a two way street this is my translation:

Neutral 99 by Qupid
Piperlime – Qupid


Crystal hand-enameled bangle
Bangle – J.Crew


Stripe hand-enameled bangle
Bangle – J.Crew


Velvet Touch Headband
Headband – ModCloth


A Pair of Squares Earrings
Earrings – Modcloth

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