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Got Stripes

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I love paint, it is something you can do yourself and it is relatively inexpensive and it can make a huge impact in a room. So here I go again, I came across some great photos of painted stripes and fell in love and can’t stop thinking about where I can paint stripes in my own home. They fit any style space and really become the focal point of the room. They can be bold and dramatic or soft and sophisticated. They can be a subtle tone on tone stripe or be bright contrasting colors. They can be vertical or horizontal or different widths, there are just too many options to list. If you are afraid of painting an entire room with stripes consider just doing one wall as an accent wall. I hope some of these photos inspire you to paint stripes in your own home and if you do I would love to hear about what you did and how it turned out.

Horizontal stripesHouse and Home

Yellow and white stripesHouse and Home

Tone on Tone stripesHouse Beautiful

Lilac and taupe stripesCanadian House and Home

black and white stripesHouse Beautiful


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