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DIY: Mercury Glass Ornaments

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Happy December! In my home the day after Thanksgiving is the first day that Christmas season can truly start but I got a little bit of a jump and did some DIY projects in preparation for our Christmas tree. I love Pottery Barn (who doesn’t really?) and when I saw these Mercury Glass Ornaments I just about pounced on them and ordered.

Mercury Glass Ball OrnamentsPottery Barn – Mercury Glass Ball Ornaments Set of 6

But then I realized that $25 for 6 was a little out of my price range and I thought maybe I could recreate them myself and get more holiday cheer for my buck. So I set out to Joann Fabric armed with my coupons to get supplies.

Here is the breakdown of my trip:

4 Boxes of four, 3 inch Glass Ornaments, 5.99 each on sale 50% off = $11.98

1 can of spray paint, $7.99 with 60% off coupon = $4.79

Subtotal = $16.77

Add on a 20% off entire purchase coupon

Final Total $13.14

DIY ornaments: 82 cents each

Pottery Barn: $4.16 each

Also note that the Pottery Barn ornaments are only 2 inch and I bought 3 inch. I like that they will be bigger than the other ornaments I already own.

Now lets get to it!


Glass Ornaments

Spray Paint – I used Krylon Silver Metallic, I have also read the ‘Looking Glass’ is a good option, probably gives more of a mirrored look

Spray bottle with water

Paper towel



Clothes Pins

Clear Glass Ornaments
Clear glass ornaments
Paint and spray bottle with water

Now 16 ornaments seemed like they would take forever to paint so I devised this plan: Hang the ornaments along twine that is tied from branch to branch. Then I secured the ornaments into place with clothes pins otherwise they will slide together.

Mercury Glass Ornaments
Lined up ready for paint!
Mercury Glass Ornaments
Evenly spaced on the line.
Mercury Glass Ornaments
Pinned in place

Lightly spray the ornaments with water (this didn’t picture well so just believe me) I blotted away some big streaks of water so I would get little spots. Then I sprayed lightly with the spray paint. They will look like such. You can see the little bubbles of water under the paint.

Mercury Glass Ornaments Before
Water and Paint

Once the paint is dry to the touch, use the paper towel wipe away the ornament down to remove the little bubbles. This will reveal clean glass.

Mercury Glass Ornaments
After Wiped Down
Mercury Glass Ornaments
Ready for paint!
Mercury Glass Ornaments
Mercury Glass Ornaments Line Up


When I researched this the trick seemed to be layering and repeating the water and paint process. But I only did one layer because I loved how they still had a sense of transparency to them, I envisioned the lights on the tree glowing through them and I loved that idea.

Mercury Glass Ornament Close Up
See my fingers?


Mercury Glass Ornaments
On the Tree!


Mercury Glass Ornaments
More Tree!

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